Advanced Training and Scientific Networking



The purpose of this area of intervention is to provide advanced scientific and technical training in developing countries as well as to promote local R&D projects, particularly when they aim the improvement of the quality of life of the local communities (typically projects concerning health, energy, environment etc.) but not disregarding fundamental and basic science.


Specifically we intend to promote:

   • Short-term advanced training in topics relevant to the local needs with short- and medium-term impact;

   • Bi- or multi-lateral scientific and technical exchange programs between universities, laboratories and other institutions of research and development;

   • Creation of thematic scientific networks between countries in distinct development stages;

   • Projects whose goal is to establish research and development groups or units in developing countries.


These initiatives should be self-sustained in order to counteract the tendency of dissolution, which generally follows exchange programs between partners with distinct levels of development, and should promote the strengthening of the local infrastructures and skills, instead of promoting the exodus of skilled human resources.



Ongoing Projects:

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Post-graduate training in the Health and Biological Sciences for the Portuguese-speaking African Countries




  • Scientific and Pedagogical training for Medical faculty in Angola

Previous Projects:


 Project Desert Watch - Summer School

When: June - August 2009

Where: Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal

• Workshop "Climate Change: Strategies to Combat Desertification in Countries of the South Mediterranean Countries", Maghreb, 2009

• Mediterranean Europe — North Africa for Gathering and Sharing of Desertification Data



Desertification and Drougth Course and Workshop in Luanda

Desertification and Drougth Course and Workshop in Luanda

Location: Luanda, Angola

Dates: June 16th and 17th 2008

Project Manager: Amílcar Soares

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