SiW – Scientists in the World / Associação Cientistas no Mundo is an international nonprofit NGO for Development, founded on the 4th of September 2007.

SiW's overarching purpose is to promote science and technology within the framework of international cooperation and development.

Scientific literacy isn’t the highest priority of developing countries; however, we believe that scientific knowledge constitutes an important and little explored factor, fundamental to the development and independence of poorer countries.

Based on this vision, the Association aims at:

• Promoting Science education at all levels – from schooling to university research - in developing countries;

• Developing new and simple technologies to improve living conditions;

• Stimulating interest in Science and promoting scientific literacy throughout the general population;

• Developing teaching resources for Science education;

• Bridging the scientific and technological gap between different regions of the World;

• Promoting stronger links and collaborative efforts between scientists, teachers and students within Science and Technology around the World.


To reach these objectives, SiW organized its activities based on the following main lines of action:


Area 1: Science Communication and Outreach

  Area 2: Teacher Training and Resources

  Area 3: High Science, Low Technology


Area 4: Advanced Training and Scientific Networking


SiW is grateful to:

ernst young edp spirituc


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